The Snow Is Coming!

As a child, I loved the snow, not only because we got a day off school but because, like every other kid, I loved playing in it. Now, I hate the snow. Don’t get me wrong, in the right setting, like Christmas day or if you’re in a log cabin in the mountains with a roaring fire, I enjoy experiencing it from the inside. It’s beautiful. However, when you actually have things to do, it becomes a nightmare.

Back in November, we had our first day of snow. “Here we go,” I muttered to myself as I look out of the window. Cue my Dad’s response “You live 10 10 or 20km from skiing resorts (and I’m not talking about water skiing here). Why are you surprised when the white stuff falls??” Well, it’s not that I’m surprised, I’m just always hopeful that it won’t. The temperatures had only just started to drop so it was rather unexpected. I started to mentally prepare myself for the long winter ahead. However, to my surprise, the snow lasted less than a day. I didn’t count my chickens just yet though, as I knew we were heading into my least favourite season. Last year, at the end of December, we had endless days of falling snow. Luckily, I was at home for the holidays, but that didn’t stop my friends sending me videos and pictures of the evil white stuff. I was a little worried about getting back to Sulmona with so much snow (over a metre inĀ  places) but my fears were short-lived.

When I got back, I thought I had escaped the worst of the snow. But that was not to be; Mother Nature had other plans. At the beginning of March, as I was hurrying from school to school, it started to snow. It was in fact a blizzard. Within hours, everywhere was covered. Cars couldn’t get through and people simply had to abandon them and continue on foot. At one point, there was an interesting journey with my colleague when we couldn’t get the car window to close. Not fun.

dolly 7
Dolly was not impressed with the snow

In these situations, there’s only one thing you can do – stock the fridge and wait it out. So, after I finished my lessons, I trudged to the nearest supermarket and then went back to the flat and settled in for the night. You can see my supplies in the background of the above photo.

The next morning, I woke up to no electricity. I panicked at first because I had just moved into my new flat and so thought that there might be a problem. After a quick call to the school secretary, I was reassured that it was the whole of Sulmona. So, what now? I couldn’t use my computer, there was no internet, phones were down and I didn’t have any books. Luckily though, I did have my kindle so I snuggled down with Dolly to read. The electricity came back at some point in the afternoon but small villages outside of Sulmona were without it for 3 days. The snow also caused many old trees to fall down. There was quite a lot of damage.

This is why I’m worried about what the weekend holds. This winter has been unseasonably warm and the forecast shows that we are in for two solid days of snow. Needless to say, I will be heading to the supermarket to stock up!

snow beer
Better than a fridge!




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