From Sulmona to Pompeii via Naples (2.3 of 3)

So, at the end of part 2.2, Adele and I had crashed on the sofa after a long day of exploring and gelato. There we stayed for the next few hours, watching trash TV (including some weird Adam and Eve thing where people get “stranded” on a desert island completely naked) and cuddling with Alice. There we snoozed¬†until Adele’s friends came over for drinks and to go out to dinner. Adele and her friends are all psychologists, so the conversation was rather deep at times. Finally we headed out to dinner.

I didn’t take any photos so you will just have to make do with some more pictures of Alice!

Dinner was not at a restaurant or Pizzeria. No, no. Dinner was from a sandwich van about 20-25 minutes drive by car. I thought it was rather strange that we were coming all this way for a sandwich, but then I tried it. As we drove along the road, Adele pointed out where all the people park their cars so that they can have a bit of alone time. In Italy, young people tend to live at home until they are 30 or older, usually until they are married but sometimes even after. It is very unusual for a young woman, like myself, to live on her own. Italians seem to think we need to be looked after, but this is a story for another time.

12737112_10156596055530565_1651921530_oSo we drove past all the cars with steamed up windows and were lucky enough to find a¬†parking spot right next to the van. It wasn’t cold outside but it was a bit breezy. The van is up on a hill that overlooks a large bay, I’m sure that the view during the day is beautiful but not much to see at night. There were a lot of people at the van, anxiously waiting for their food, which I took as a good sign. I was a little worried being a vegetarian but the lovely men behind the counter made me a grilled cheese and vegetable sandwich, filled with chips and mayonnaise. It was probably about a billion calories (seriously, it was bigger than my head!) but it was so good washed down with a cold beer as we sat on the wall overlooking the sea. This is an experience you would never get anywhere else and I was so happy to be there at that moment.

As with everything in Italy, the sandwich was huge! But I made short work of it and, when we were all done, we paid for our food (less than 5 euros each!) and jumped back in the car. On the drive back, Adele took us into a small town right by the sea but unfortunately it was all closed because it was off-season. Such a shame but, as I have already said, I will have to visit in summer.

To be continued…




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